Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My favorite Halloween Joke

What do boy ghosts have that girl ghost don't?




October happenings

What a crazy month October has been!
I just wanted to post some fun things that
I have done this month that I want to
remember. Starting with the bottoms pics,
my mom and I have been going canning
once a month together. It has been such a
fun time for us. I have been really nervous
about my food storage and felt impressed
that I needed to get going. So slowly I am
making progess. My mom has been doing
some for my sisters for Christmas which I
now think is a great gift cause I realize the
importance of it. She was worried about me
posting cause the funny hats but I just had
to get one so my brothers could see. Oh ya
and Britt I got a nice one of Derek for you so
you can make fun of him. The next pics are
of the local missionaries. I signed up to feed
them in Relief Society. I feel so dang bad
when those papers come
by and only a few names
are on it. I guess my
conscience gets to me.
We did it for family night. They gave us a great lesson on getting back to the simply things in life. Then there is my darling baby Jaeda who is now five months old and loving life and food. She is always smacking her tongue and diving into any food that we have. It is pretty funny. Las but not least, that is my dance class that we just had today. As you can see we had a Halloween party and they got to where their costumes. They are so cute most of the time heehee!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tis' the Season

Congrats Ty its getting bigger every year! The
deer that is. It has been such a fun hobby for
Ty and I to start hunting together. Last year I
missed one about this size (a little bigger haha)
and this year I didn't draw out so I just helped
scout. I love watching the deer and their patterns
they take. They are actually pretty consist animals
by taking the same course. Ty shot this one in our
little "secret" spot. It was 240 yrds away coming up this
little canyon where we saw a bunch of does come up
about an hour before. Were not sure how this one
got away from all the hunters below us but we are glad
that he did. We plan on making jerky and some steaks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The "Shiner"

So I actually kind of thought that my son would be the first
to get the "shiner" in the family but apparently I was wrong.
So the story goes as this; Ty was on duty and took the kids
to Walmart. Well, to his knowledge they were just fine and
playing happily in the cart return outside of Walmart. Where
was Ty you ask? Putting on windshield wipers not watching
the children at all. Then Tanley all of the sudden started
screaming so Ty turned around and she was holding her eye.
He picked her up to see what was wrong and her eye was all
puffy. He looked over at Talon who was sitting on the curb
quietly as a guilty culprit would.Ty asked him what had
happened and he said he pushed her into the bar. Well, so
there you have it. I have a distracted husband, a daughter
with a black eye, and a very honest son. Hahaha I had to laugh a
little and be proud that Talon was so honest however, he did get a
little lesson on not pushing and being nice to girls.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meeting up with family!

As you can tell we got our first snow fall like most of
Utah did! It was beautiful up in Park City with the
Autumn leaves and then the snow if only there had been
enough to snowboard! Well we spent most of our time
in the WestGate Hotel up near the Canyons Resort. It
was a beautiful resort and we were the first ones to stay
in our rooms. The reason why we went up there was to
see our Canadian cousins. We love Dave and Marilyn's
family and always spend time around the table laughing
at old memories, playing games, or in this case watching
Ty's card tricks (he needs to work in Vegas). Lyndzi and her
husband Kyle and son Ryder (standing by Talon) are moving
to Australia in November so we won't get to see them for a
long time (unless we save a lot I mean a lot and go see them).
Brittany's (sitting with me) baby Evie is just a few months
younger than Jaeda and they weighed the same amount when they
born. Can you believe all that hair! She is a doll. Well it was
good seeing everyone. Family is the most important
thing in the world.

Alpine Slides

Spending the weekend in Park City was a blast. While Ty
and I waited for our family to get there we took the kids
to the slides. Talon had a blast. He kept wanting to go back
to the slippy slide. Ty said because it was so cold that they
were extra fast but he just wanted to go faster. As you can
see we had to go warm up by the fire with some nice hot
chocolate and a muffin!

Grandma McCurdy

It was great seeing Grandma, Karissa, and Abbie. We
love ya!