Friday, November 28, 2008

I am Grateful!

So these pictures are from my birthday weekend. Ya I am a little slow. We decided to go to Idaho and see my family up there since we wouldn't be up there for Thanksgiving. It was a really good time I got to stay with my sister Jana in Logan. We always have good visits with her and I always stay up way to late talking about life. Then my Mom and Dads broker to us to dinner at Hamilton's steak house and it just ended up being on my Birthday. 27! It was fun to be with all the family and laugh about Ty's peter pan tights that they all saw hehe! I even got to eat at the Formosa the night before which is my favorite chinese restaurant ever! So eating out is like my favorite thing I guess! Then we went up to Idaho to stay with Bryant and Jodi. There great hosts and my kids love them. Jodi has an adorable house she is so Crafty! We got to go back to good old Grace High and watch my nieces Brandi and Sam play basketball. I don't love girls bball but I really got into watching them play they are awesome. Nicole my other niece is a cheerleader and does a great job! I probably watched them more heehee! I got to visit with my best friends parents which is always a treat cause there like my second parents. So my oldest brother Mark and his family moved into the house up there and they just finished remodeling. Wow it looks so great. I am so happy that it stayed in the family and we still have a play to go to! On they way home we got to stop and see my Dads and my nieces head stones which just got done. It was nice to see them before the snow flies and put flowers on them. They look really nice. I am so amazed at how strong my brother and his wife are I know that it wasn't easy especially seeing Jaeda who is only two days older. I know that the Lord will bless them when the time is right they are amazing and will be amazing parents. I am grateful for my Mom and Dad for raising us to have strong testimonies and to always stay close to our Savior. I can't wait for the day that we get to be with my Dad and Brynlee again.

When we got home we got another great surprise Ty's Mom flew into Cedar to spend the day with us. The kids were thrilled they love Grandma Curds. Talon got to see the cool plane that she flew in and he cried when she left. I have two wonderful families, wonderful children, and a wonderful husband I couldn't be more grateful for that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Pulse

So our dance studio On Stage went to the Pulse
convention this weekend in Vegas. Oh man it was so
fun. The teachers are amazing as well as the choreography.
I was so sore after Mia's class I could not move my neck. She
is so inspiring and such a technician at creating movement. Isn't the
picture of her and Jaeda adorable. Hopefully, Jaeda is a future dancer.
I also took class from Tyce, Shane, Laurie Ann, Chris and Dave. The
last picture is of the band "Think" it was there first appearance. Chris
Judd is the founder and helping them get big. The were actually pretty
decent so check em out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little bit of Guitar Hero

You rock Cooper!

So I babysat my friend McCall's kids Porter and Cooper
yesterday and can I tell you there so freakin cute. We played
Guitar Hero and Cooper can Rock! He was bouncing with the
music and his mom can be proud he kept on the rhythm very
nicely! And of course my daughter Tanley loves these boys.
Don't you think that picture of her and Cooper would look
great in there wedding album heehee! She is such a flirt!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

The cutest "stinker" ever!

here we are the Peter Pan Clan. Ty as Peter Pan he loved
wearing the tights (haha). Talon as Hook. Tanley as Tinker
Bell ( the cutest TinkerBell ever). Jaeda was our lost boy the
skunk (so stinking cute haha). Last but not least, I was Tiger Lily just watch
Peter Pan for heaven sakes! We always go to our friends Halloween Party
it was really fun. That is Talon trying to catch halloween candy in his cup.
Talons school party!

Talon with his teacher.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I voted!

I am glad to say that I did my part as
and American citizen and went and
voted on Halloween. So if you haven't get out
there and make your voice