Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lots of Firsts!

Our first time camping with the kids in Lake Powell.
It was such a blast. Our best friends in the world the
Warner's and the Rich's got to experience this craziness
with us. We only heard Ty cuss once when people shot
fireworks at our tent haha! Good food Great company!

First day of Preschool. Aren't they adorable!

My six year anniversy at Ty's sisters Suite haha. They did
this cute basket and funny guest letter for us. So they are
not crazy. This mural painted of a very sexy little mermaid
came with the house they just moved into. I think Ty
was more turned on by the mermaid than me she does
have bigger boobs. Unfortunetly I don't think they will
be keeping this :(

First time at the Niter Fish Hatchery with the cousins

Three new beautiful babies in the family Bristol, Bailee,
& Berklee

Pushing the kids on my first swing set

Jaeda's First Haircut by Aunt Jana