Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh the weather outside is Frightful!

So December has been a crazy busy month I am sure for us all! I love December and the spirit it brings and all the festivities. And yes the Snow Snow Snow! We have had a lot of firsts this Christmas season. Talon had his first school Christmas recital. He did so good and sang every song! Tanley had her first dance recital. Man I was I nervous for her she is a little bit crazy in class maybe because I am her teacher but she was adorable. I thought she stole the show. She loved it so much that she tried to stay on stage for the next class it was funny. Jaeda gave us her first scare. Her oxygen level dropped to 80 so they thought she had rsv but luckly with breathing treatments it has came up. Poor girl, on top of that she has croop and a bad ear infection. She is feeling better now and were excited to see her during her first Christmas. She has already tried to open presents cause she is crawling all over the place! We have had really fun playing in all of the snow and feeling the rush of getting Christmas ready. With my Mom around I have done a lot of baking and learning all the secrets. It has been fun. Every week the kids have enjoyed a spiritual Christmas story before they go to bed. After all said and done its just nice to sit down to a nice cup of cocoa and be surrounded by the people that you love. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kids having a snow day!

Keeping Cozy!

Tanley at her first dance recital. And also my class that
I teach!

Talon at his first christmas recital!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas tree outing!

What a fun new Christmas tradition we are
starting for our family. We decided to go and
cut our tree down this year. Our friends told
us not to cause it would cause a divorce cause
the know how anal I am. But we did it anyway
and it was actually really fun and me and my
husband still love eachother. And he remember this
year not to put in my house till it was flocked (Oh man
that is a whole blog session in its self). Our friends from
Bryce have a flocking machine so they came down and
made my tree all white and snowing (thanks to my mom
she got me started on that). So there is the finished project
it looks better in real like I think!