Saturday, February 27, 2010


So I feel so ridiculous. I guess this is just a lesson for me
not to zone my kids out haha. This is the story. I was in
the kitchen cooking dinner. I had stuff in the oven and I
went to cook stuff on the stove top well I thought I had
turned the back burner on but I turned the front burner
on. Out of habit I got done looking at the dinner in the oven
and put the oven mitt on the stove. Yes the front burner.
I went into the living room cause I was sucked into this
movie that was on. Tanley came in and said Mom fire and
I was like ya uh huh. She walked back into the kitchen and
came in again and said mom fire and I was like what then she
yelled Fire. Ty and I both ran to the kitchen sure enough the
oven mitt was on fire. I couldn't stop laughing. Ty grabbed it
and through snow on it. Needless to say Ty finally got our smoke
detectors up just a good thing I have a smart daughter haha!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Thanks!

Just wanted to let my family know how much
I appreciate them for taking our kids the week
we were in Cancun. It is nice not to worry about
them. They had so much fun. You guys are
awesome! Thanks again!

Cancun 2010


yes that is some sort of shark!

Our cute little love towels. Made us feel like it was our
honeymoon all over again.
This night was the most satisfying night of our trip.
We were at the Hard Rock eating on the board walk
and to little spanish kids 10 and 14 came up to us
trying to sell bracelets, headbands, and everything
else you can think of that they sell in Mexico. We got
to talking with them and they told us they're mom
just died, Dad walked out on them, so they were on
there own for awhile till there Aunt took them in.
My heart instantly broke I wanted to adopt them right there.
They said they get up at four and work till very late. It was 10:00 pm
when we sat down. They had just barely started school this
year. We sat them down and fed them a hamburger, coke,
and icecream. I have never seen to little kids so excited. My
heart broke again. We laughed ( I think they were laughing at our
not so good spanish skills)and talked so more then we
let them sell us there homeade items. It was such a great
feeling to us to know at least that night they would not go

Our lovely day at the spa! Our swedish
massages were amazing

The best part of our trip the R & R!!

Eating at the outdoor steakhouse

The view off of our bedroom deck

That crazy mexican got in front of our picture
so we would by his BOO!

My crazy husband

Our last night on the town. We went to Senior Frogs
and watched the boys, Amy, and Nikki ride the bull.
No Bull riding for me only cause I was in a dress haha.
Our trip to Cancun was amazing its just what I needed.
The Riu Caribe an all inlcusive resort was fantastic.
As you can see our favorite thing was snorkeling and
relaxing but now back to the real world haha!
Thanks AMP for the free trip!