Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I 've never since my husband so excited when he heard the X Fighters Free Style Motor Cross was going to be in Texas this year. It actually only comes to the states once a year and it just happened to be 40 minutes from where we live. The Stockyards of Fortworth Texas what a happening little place.

If you don't know what free style is it is when they build huge dirt jumps and set up ramps that they do tricks off of. It was so cool one of the guys did two double back flips right in front of us. During the wait to get a new rider out they also had bull riding which was pretty sweet. And the best part I am sure you all will agree is during there so called intermission the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders danced. Yah I was so excited I think I took more pictures of them haha. The even did a double pirouette, a kick line, and the splits on the dirt. You can't come to Texas and not see the Dalla Cowboy Cheerleaders!