Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Tanley!

Finally HOME!

So after a great summer in Plano Texas, I can say I am glad to be a Utahn. I like the people don't get me wrong it is just hot hot hot. But I am really tan so that made up for everything. However, the summer is still not done :( Ty is still pushing away. I MISS HIM. I can't wait for fall, hunting season, and snow! It was a long trip home with lots of weird things on the way (aka the pictures below of cars buried in an open field) but it was a good trip three great kids, no dvd, great conversations with the husband, and lots of Suckers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning From the Best!

Here's just a few we learned from.


Its been awhile since I have posted cause of my crazy life and my boss had these pictures so here they are. 8 grueling days in NYC. We got to take two dance conventions the Pulse Teacher Workshop and Dance Teacher Summit. We were seriously running back and forth getting as many classes in as we could. When we weren't in convention we were taking classes at Broadway Dance Center which was fantastic! Don't get me wrong after long day of dance we treated ourselves to New York Cheesecake and lots of delicious expensive food. We did the night life as well. We saw a Comedy Show, Wicked, Billy Elliot, Chicago, and Burn the Floor. They were all awesome but Billy Elliot and Wicked are by far the best. We also saw an off broadway show the Synthesis Dance Project (Director Tracie Stanfield). We had been taking her classes at BDC and got the invitation to see her show it was awesome she is amazing teacher and choreographer. I love NYC it is such an inspiring city I got so many ideas and learned the greatest new techniques! I love my husband so much for letting me go and support me in my passion!