Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AMP Retreat!

So AMP took all of the Dallas office snowboarding for two days at Powder Mountain. We even had VIP passes. First time I have ever been VIP. It was so much fun. All the people going to Dallas are way fun so it will be a good year. The best part was seeing my friend Nikki and talking about the good old times. Just think Nikki of the good times will be creating this summer!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Action shots

So I finally got my action shots back from our
Christmas recital. Well, I have had them just
been busy to post them. But here they are
I was very pleased with their performance. Wish
you all could have been there. Are year end is May
18th and will do these pieces again with others as well.
We have amazing dancers so hope to see you there!
This is my advanced Modern class their piece was
entitled "Almost Lover"

This was my intermediate Modern piece.
"Jellyfish" was its title if you couldn't tell.
It turned out beautiful. Thank you girls!

Tanley's Dance. Isn't she a doll! She
stole the show!