Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jaeda Juice Box

So we call Jaeda the "Juice Box" cause every time we squeeze her out comes the milk juice. Just like those little messy juice boxes you get your kids thinking they won't squeeze them and without fail it never works it ends up all over them. Well, minus the constant spitting she is a very happy baby. She is so cuddly. She is really starting to roll, arch her back, and get squirmy so we have floor time. I can't believe she will be
five months in October.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Street Party

So every year our street gets together and has a BBQ at one of the neighbors house. It has been a tradition even long before we moved on this street. It is kind of nice to mingle and get to know who you are living by. As you can see my street is a little bit older but I love it. I have the best neighbors. They are always checking up on me and they bring me fresh vegetables and fruits from their garden. One of my neighbors VR has been on this street 53 years. He graduated in 1981 the year I was born. He was a professor at SUU for their Biology department. He just barely got put in a wheel chair, I asked him how he was doing and he said things would be a lot better if I could walk or just die. Man old people are funny.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Check out the Dew Tour Pics!

So this weekend we headed up north to the Dew Tour. It was a blast. We went and saw the BMX dirt, Freestyle motocross, street skate, and BMX vert. We took Talon and Jaeda. Jaeda got a little sunburnt but Talon had a ball. He loved the Skateboards the best. I can't believe how good some of these 13 yr old skaters were it was crazy. All of these guys competing need a pat on the back some of them were pulling some insane tricks. On kid on the BMX dirt was 17 and had one a bunch of competitions so he just bought his first house. CRAZY. If they win they make decent money. I told Ty to start getting his act together. So now he wants land to make those jumps. Ty got a picture with Ronie Renner a freestyle motocross champ (he is in all of Travis Pastrana's video's) so he was thrilled. We hung out with our friends Rusty and Trista, Tyre, and my nephew Austin and Uncle Troy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A is for Apple

Talons first day at preschool. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. We caught him the day before laying on the couch reading a book. He told us he was getting ready. I think he just saw Ty laying like that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Wow today is our five year anniversary I can't believe it. It was been such a wonderful journery with Ty. He definetaly isn't dull there is always something exciting wether its traveling clear across the country, or having another child it is usually always a surprise. They always say you love someone more the more you get to know them. I think it is true. My love for Ty has gotten stronger. We've had our tough times and our joyful times and through it all we have stuck it out together. Here's to five wonderful years and three beautiful children. Love ya Honey!

Maddy's Wedding

So here we are with one down one to go heehee! Kristy we were really hoping for you to catch the brides bouquet! And then we have Kimmy trying to match make our kids. Better watch out for him Kim and Ryan he is a kisser and here you thought it would be Tanley. Madds your wedding was fun and you are a beautiful bride I bet the honeymoon was even more fun heehee!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tanley's first day of Dance!

So Tanley is coming with me to my Mommy and Me class that I just started at Onstage. Today was her first day and well it didn't go to well. She was a little bit shy. Ya my daughter shy I know what your all thinking. Hopefully it will get better or I will just borrow someone elses kid heehee!

Birthday Princess!

Oh man she is such a girl! We just had her terrible 2 princess birthday party on August 24th and she really has lived up to the terrible 2 saying lately. But what can I say look at her. How could you not love that little diva. Grandma bought her the dress up kit and she loves it especially the shoes I know I know watch out right she must take after her mother!

So our friends are so nice and decided to bring Talon a present also. Well, they knew that he loves Spiderman so they brought him the dress up of Spiderman. Thanks guys we love you so much I just now have been able to get the thing off of him haha!