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Mysterious and passionate. You are a survivor. Even though life has swung you some difficult situations you have a strong intuition that gets you through. Also, you have the capacity to sympathize and relate to a variety of different people.

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Oakland Temple

Since we've been married it has been our goal to go to the
temple every month and do the Lords work. It has been such a
blessing in our lives to do this. This month we went to the Oakland temple
because it was the closest to us. It is beautiful. I love the temple
grounds and how well they are kept.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So we are back in Utah! Well at least for a little while. We had really fun in Cali. Ty's summer went really well. I am way proud of him he worked really hard. Of course we got to play as well. Iam posting all the adventures we went on here are a few.

So if your ever in Monterey Bay California and you
want the best Clam Chowder in a bread bowl ever,
I suggest this little cafe' on the Fishermans Warf board walk.
And after your very stuffed then go relax on the beach which
is just two steps away!

San Francisco

Our next adventure was San Francisco. It was about an hour and a half from were we lived. Our first stop was Pier 39. We saw Alcatraz and the Sea lions. My kids loved the sea lions they kept trying to make the noise they make. We did some shopping and at some nice fresh fish and had a bowl of fabulous clam chowder. Then we went across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. As you can see it was really windy and cold. Then we went down Lumbar street the worlds twistiest street. Our last stop was Ghirardelli square. We got some awesome chocolate and walk down to the street vendors. It was a blast!

At the Lake

So we finally made it to California! It was a long drive
but i had my mom with me and she has a dvd in her
car so that made it nice and quiet. The reunion with Ty
was good! The kids were excited to see him. This was
our first outing with Liz and Audrey. It was fun. We swam
and had a picnic. Liz brought smore stuff and the kids
cooked there mallows on the grill. They thought that
was pretty cool.