Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So the other day I decided to do a massive "dejunking" of my house before I go nuts. Haha really I just needed something to do while Ty has been gone and my Mom was around and she is the queen of Clean! So low and behold I started with the dreaded closets and I found this stuffed animal. My Mom knows I hate stuffed animals haha. I know I am a freak but I just think they are a waist of money cause they always end up going to the DI. However, my Mom still bought this giraff for Talon when he was born and the kid clun to it. As you can see it was pretty weathered. He loved this dang thing so much I still remember the day we had to kiss it good bye he was so sad and mean mommy was so glad. I showed this to Talon when I found it and he smiled and said "that was my giraff when I was a baby huh mom?" I said yah and he said "you giving it to the DI" I laughed cause my kids have to help dejunk their toys and said ya I think some other kid may like it. Talon replied "thats ok I have my bear now" Haha so once again I am still haunted with stuffed animals and it will be a sad day when Mr. Bear has to leave our house I think I will be nice and give it awhile!